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We ARE Establishing a New Diabetes Division Which Focus on Diabetes Products and New Diabetes Technology Worldwide.

WE are Building a (Complete Diabetes Solution) Starting WITH Diagnosis (Blood Glucose Monitoring, CGM. Delivery System (Insulin syringe and Pen Needles), Blood pressure Monitor and Insulin Pump IN KUWAIT MARKET.

YPSOMED. (mylife Clickfine DiamondTip)

Choosing the correct pen needle length

User-friendly color coding

The mylife™ Clickfine® DiamondTip with 6-bevel technology and Extra Thin Wall cannula is available in 4 mm, 5 mm, 6 mm and 8 mm lengths.

The 10 mm and 12 mm lengths are available with a 3-bevel tip and Thin Wall cannula.

Premium quality features

Experience reliable comfort

DiamondTip: high-precision 6-bevel pen needle tip 1 – 6 . Available in 4 mm, 5 mm, 6 mm and 8 mm lengths

Patented Universal Click technology for easy attaching on the injection pen.

  • Improved medication through greater flow rate1
  • Due to the larger inner diameter of the cannula, less force is required when pushing the injection button1
  • Supports the simple delivery of highly concentrated insulins from 200 Units/mL

Aronson R. et al.: Effects of Extra-Thin Wall Needle Technology on Preference, Confidence, and Other Patient Ratings, Clinical therapeutics, 35(7):923-933, 2013

TERUMO Diabetes

Medisafe Fit Smile™

Blood Glucose Meter

Technology that speaks in colours

The Medisafe Fit Smile blood glucose meter has a bright, large display which shows color coded values and statistics for an easy interpretation of the values.

The step-by-step and voice guidance makes it intuitive and easy to handle – from the first time.

The single-packed Test TIPs are easy to use and protected from environmental influence, like humidity and dirt.


Color-coded blood glucose levels

Easy to read display

Step-by-step guidance

Voice guidance

Color graph tracks blood glucose levels

Exceptional test TIP

Simple data transfer

For more details, please check the following link: Click Here

Medisafe Finetouch® II

Lancing Device

The puncture with a gentle touch

This product is intended for capillary blood sampling from the fingertip, earlobe or heel.

Only for use with Terumo Finetouch lancets.


Less pain1

Needle Design

  • Hollow needle specially cut for noticeable pain reduction1

5 adjustable penetration depths

  •  Adaptable to individual patient’s skin type
  •  Minimum penetration depth is 0.3 mm
  • Allows particulary gentle blood sampling

Protected use and hygienic handling


The lancet needle is surrounded by a plastic holder, before and after penetration, preventing needle stick injury.


The lancet holder protects the lancing device from skin contact and contamination with blood, thus preventing cross-contamination.


Multiple use of the lancet is not possible. The triggering mechanism will only be released once a new lancet has been attached.

Easy to target

The slim lancet holder tip makes the desired puncture site particularly easy to target.

Easy to remove

Easy lancet removal with the ejector. Used lancet can be disposed simply and safely.

Easy to clean

Lancing device is easy to clean due to the smooth surface design.

Additional feature for MS*FT2R (rechargeable type)

Set lever

If the push button is pressed accidentally, the set lever can be pulled to make the released lancet usable again.
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Rightest Glucose Meter

Wiz / Wiz Plus

Diabetes Management Made Simple

Built with users in mind, the Wiz makes glucose monitoring stylish and simple. Auto-coding capability, helpful status markers and a wide HCT range make Wiz the starting point of good glucose management

Full compliance with EN ISO 15197: 2015 and ISO 15197: 2013

Wide HCT Range: Suitable for anemic patients.

Ketone Alert: Warning displayed when ketone levels need to be checked.

Status Markers: Note exercise and meal times.

Complete Blood Sugar Management: Add notes, photos and status indicators for more complete entries.

Personalization: Set blood glucose targets and customize your measurement schedule.

Intuitive Statistics Dashboard: Useful data presented clearly.

Sync with Rightest CARE App: Glucose Management Made Simple.

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Rightest Glucose Meter


A High-End Model with Advanced Functions

With proprietary auto-coding technology, a backlit display for reading in the dark, and other advanced functions, the GM550 provides users with accurate results and a hassle-free experience for optimal diabetes management.

Full compliance with EN ISO 15197: 2015 and ISO 15197: 2013

Fast Results: Displayed in 5 seconds.

Large Display: Easy to view results.

Auto-Coding: Eliminates the need for manual coding and delivers maximum accuracy.

Tiny Blood Sample: Requires only 0.75µL.

Backlit Screen: Allows testing in the dark.

Side-Insert Design: Easy to handle and prevents blood contact for excellent hygiene.

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