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ASHRAF MEDICAL SYSTEMS DIVISION… Helping deliver great health

For many years, Ashraf Medical Systems Division has been at the forefront of supporting the Health Sector in Kuwait with quality products, cutting edge software and technology, and unparalleled service.

We serve both, the Government and Private Sector. Most of our customers have been with us for decades, a proof of our support to them. We continue to source new products and technology in a bid to ensure that Kuwait Hospitals have the best of medical services.

AMS division have 7 sub divisions

  • Dental Systems

    Dental SystemsAshraf’s are practically a one stop shop for Dental Clinics in Kuwait. We have endeavored to get the..

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  • Nuclear Medicine

    Nuclear MedicineNuclear Medicine involves application of radioactive substances in the diagnosis and treatment of various diseases…

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  • Medical Diagnostic

    RadiologyDiagnostic Imaging department deals with the complete rage of products to meet the needs of Radiology Diagnostics…

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  • Respiratory

    RespiratoryApproximately one out of every 5 adults have sleep-disordered breathing. And this has a profound…

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  • Urology

    UrologyUrologists diagnose and treat problems involving the male and female urinary tract and the male reproductive organs…

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  • Consumables, Cosmetics & Physiotherapy

    Consumables, Cosmetics & PhysiotherapyOn the request of our loyal customersto increase our offering in the Medical field, we also cater with world renowned products ..

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  • Obstetrics / Gynecology

    Obstetrics / GynecologyASHRAF Medical Division haveproducts to help the Gynecologists and their teams across the medical fraternity…

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  • Healthcare IT (HCIT)

    Obstetrics / GynecologyAshraf Healthcare IT Department provides customized Healthcare IT solution services in response to the evolving healthcare industry.

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  • Surgical Imaging(MID)

    Surgical Imaging(MID)ASHRAF Medical Division has a specialized ‘Surgical Imaging Division’ (MID)provides world class medical device rated products ….

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  • Diabetes Division

    Diabetes DivisionWe are establishing a new Diabetes division which focus on Diabetes products and new Diabetes technology worldwide ….

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