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Healthcare-IT (HCIT)

Ashraf Healthcare IT Department provides customized Healthcare IT solution services in response to the evolving healthcare industry. Healthcare IT solutions provide customers with efficient and cost-effective support for improved patient care. Our healthcare IT solutions provide the latest technology, we help customers build custom (healthcare or insurance) software solutions to overcome the challenges of technological transformation both in daily and large-scale operations.

Enterprise Imaging

Healthcare providers have always relied on clinical imaging when making diagnoses, determining treatment plans, and analyzing treatment efficacy. While the majority of the volume of images have traditionally been handled by the radiology and cardiology departments, imaging has now expanded to encompass a variety of service lines that span the healthcare enterprise.

To keep pace with this proliferation of clinical imaging, organizations are starting to implement an enterprise imaging strategy to help manage all of the imaging content coming in from across the care continuum.

Enterprise imaging

Our comprehensive Synapse® Enterprise Imaging portfolio, supported by our AI-enabled platform REiLI, breaks down the barriers between technologies and teams across the enterprise to empower real-time, cross-departmental collaboration – helping providers to see the whole patient, so they can treat the whole patient. Our pioneering innovations in digital image visualization leverage today’s most advanced network, server, and storage architecture to support the ever-growing requirements of today’s healthcare enterprises.

Seamless information sharing for intelligent, proactive care

Imaging interoperability is critical for diagnosis, treatment, care coordination, and follow-up, however, legacy healthcare IT systems were not designed to communicate easily with one another, which can be an obstacle for meaningful patient information and imaging data sharing.

The Synapse® Enterprise Imaging portfolio – including VNA, Radiology PACS, Cardiology PACS, EIS, 3D, and Enterprise Viewer – were designed to overcome this challenge.

The portfolio links all healthcare IT systems across diagnostic departments to create the complete picture of patient health.

Continuous innovation

We remain dedicated to continuous imaging innovation, now and into the future. The Synapse Enterprise Imaging product line is powered by robust server-side technology, converges Synapse Radiology PACS, Cardiology PACS, 3D Advanced Visualization, VNA and Fujifilm’s AI-enabled platform REiLI® on one common viewing platform. The solution provides unlimited enterprise imaging access through one diagnostic viewer to bring patient imaging and information to providers across the enterprise.

Devoted to healthcare IT innovation, the Synapse Enterprise Imaging portfolio is conducive to growth—as the market needs evolve, so does Synapse.


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