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We provide solutions to the needs of diverse business sectors like Health Care, Energy, Banking, various Government departments, etc..

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Under Enterprise Content Management (ECM), we provide solutions for Document Automation, Document Management, Business Process Management and Case Management.

We serve Kuwait and the other Middle East markets with Statistical Products (SPSS), Scanners, Microfilm, Security and ID Solutions.

Workflow Software & Case Management

File 360

File360 is a document filing system providing scan, store and retrieve capabilities. It transforms paper to electronic documents and provides fast document retrieval capabilities useful for applications such as land records, permits, medical records and any other document type, with either structured or unstructured content. File360 is designed for any size organization, from a single PC to an entire enterprise, and was developed from worldwide market research and feedback from hundreds of customers.

Process 360

Process360 is our highly scalable process and case management product designed to help you build your ideal business process solution through sophisticated a highly flexible and scalable process modeling environment, powerful process execution engine, out-of-the-box viewpoint applications, and a personal analytics environments. Leveraging the latest Microsoft technologies, Process360’s advanced feature set provides a strong, efficient foundation for your process improvement initiatives to empower your entire organization. From process modeling, design and execution through to management of daily tasks and advanced process intelligence, Process360 speeds your time to value. The result is increased productivity and enhanced business performance.

Case 360

Case360 is a powerful application that combines the capabilities of document and business process management tools into a single solution for enhanced visibility and control over documents, electronic information and the processes that surround them. As it’s uniquely suited to handle the complexities of both collaborative and adhoc business processes, Case360 simplifies the ability for teams to work together by providing access to documents, tasks, deadlines, alerts, and threaded discussions from within a virtual folder called a case folder. Within this case folder, all the information needed to process a case is readily accessible and available to all, yet tailored to an individual’s roles and privileges. The result is a unified and integrated view of case data, giving organizations complete visibility and control over all case data and operations.


KFH | AUB | NBK | CFC | MOD | MOH | CAIT | KCCI | IPG | Gulf Paper | Americana KFC | Zakat House | Alfain

Business Document processing / ECM/Report management

Cheques, Vouchers, Surveys, order forms, tax sheets, customer satisfaction forms, etc., can take a lot of time to process manually.

Read Soft’s FORMS software automatically extracts information from your forms and transfers the information to any system.

The software captures and processes all types of forms in any format:

  • Paper forms ,Faxed forms , Internet forms & Digital pen media
  • Email & XML files
  • Digital images – TIFF, JPG, PNG, BMP, etc.

Automatically transfer invoice information straight into your ERP system

INVOICES is the world’s number one choice for automated data capture from invoices. The software automatically extracts information from any incoming invoice,validates it,and transfers it to an ERP system.

  • All information of interest is captured automatically. Validation and verification of the invoices can also be handled automatically since the software comes equipped with country-specific profiles regarding tax rates, currencies, date formats etc.
  • The captured information is exported from INVOICES to your target system for coding,authorization and approval by your accounts payable staff.

INVOICES is the first step to electronic invoice processing.The software can be seen as a funnel for all your incoming invoices, directing them into the same flow,regardless of source.


KFH | AUB | BBK | Boubyan Bank


DataStoreDSX provides a single, secure digital repository for all forms of Corporate Information.

DataStoreDSX is a fourth generation Enterprise Content Management (ECM) system, built using a combination of the latest Microsoft technologies and the experience gained having been a leader in this sector for over 20 years. It has been built to ensure customers adhere to regulatory compliance requirements in terms of record keeping.

DSX is a comprehensive Information Management software platform that delivers end-to-end control of all the content across an organisation, regardless of its original form whether that be: Scanned documents, text files, images, word documents, emails, print streams and spreadsheets – many enterprises today are struggling with content chaos.

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Enterprise Content Management (ECM)

Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solutions designed to help organizations take full advantage of the opportunities offered through digital transformation. By creating a centralized, unified information grid, Content Suite connects information from across the enterprise with the people and systems that need it, driving Personal Productivity with simple, intuitive tools and user experiences, Process Productivity through full integration with lead applications such as SAP® and Microsoft®, and Control with legendary OpenText governance and security functionality. Used by some of the largest and most innovative companies and governments in the world to enhance competitive advantage and customer relations, Content Suite is available on-premises, as a subscription in our cloud, or as a managed service.

ECM provides a number of unique benefits that have consistently earned it a leadership position in industry analyst reports and as the ECM system of choice for the world’s top performing organizations:

  • Industry leading Enterprise Information Management and governance, combined with a consumer-based experience driven by simplicity, transparency, and engagement, creates an all-inclusive ECM platform that offers more breadth, depth and benefits than other vendors.
  • Out-of-the-box integration and support for major enterprise applications, such as SAP® ERP, CRM, and SuccessFactors®; Oracle® E-Business Suite; Salesforce®; Microsoft® Office 365™ and SharePoint®, builds a bridge that enables true digital transformation within organizations and supports a comprehensive Information Governance program.
  • A wide variety of industry-specific solution accelerators speed deployment and integration with lead applications.
  • Deep integration between products enables an easy flow of information from one business application to another as solutions grow.
  • Flexible architecture enables customers to deploy any offering individually without the interdependencies of monolithic stack architecture.

Enterprise search

            Find, analyse and use precise content wherever you are.

Every organisation faces the same, daunting challenge. Answers are impossible to find when they’re hidden in documents, files, email and other types of information being created at an astonishing rate by different people, in different languages and saved in different locations. It’s also a key reason that enterprise search is now essential technology in this age of information and big data.

Perceptive Enterprise Search makes locating key information simple, straightforward and quick. With Enterprise Search, users can rapidly access the information they need and then take action—completing a task, solving a problem or advancing a business process. And with faceted navigation, conversational search, natural language support and other intuitive features, users don’t have to enter perfect queries to get the right results.

Our technology offers class-leading content discovery and output technology that unlocks valuable content regardless of where it exists—repositories, SharePoint sites, email systems, network shares, intranets, extranets, websites, databases, social media and all other places. Users also can analyse and explore the relationships and connections between disparate pieces of information. With Enterprise Search, you:

  • Unify access to all of your information
  • Get perfect results without requiring users to be perfect
  • Extract more meaning and insight from your content
  • Add value to any industry or business process
  • Benefit from the most advanced search platform


ID Card & Security Solutions

Ashraf & Co.Ltd distributes and provides smart card operating systems (COS) and readers to facilitate the implementation of smart card based systems for various types of applications and industries.

Ashraf & Co. also offers customization for some of these products to meet specific needs of customers. Our products are designed to meet major industrial standards, ensuring safe and compatible operations.

We also provide different range of products for Access control, CCTV and Time Attendance.

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OMR Scanners & Form Processing Solution

OMR Solutions is a one Stop Solution for providing Products & Services for Document Processing to specialised work of OMR /OCR and ICR.

With OMR Solutions we help you create a data collection system to capture and report your data… whether you need paper-based forms, web-based forms or a combination of both.

We provide you with solutions for:

  • Form Designing OMR /ICR
  • Form Printing OMR /ICR
  • OMR -Form Scanning
  • OMR Form Analysis
  • ICR -Form Scanning
  • Form -Data Entry
  • Annual Maintenance Contract for OMR and Document Readers

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RFID/Barcode Solution

TrackIT Solutions & Alternative Technology Solutions

a) Asset Tracking Solution

We are focused on Barcode/RFID Solutions with a vision to be the leader in End to End Real Time Asset Visibility Solutions with complementary technologies.

b) Barcode Scanner

Opticon provides high quality, automatic identification and data collection equipment. They have variety of unique barcode scanners.

c) Barcode Printer

1) & consumables

GoDEX is dedicated in making your barcode printing experience easy, 100% satisfactory, and affordable.

2) Zebra Barcode Printer& consumables

Zebra’s portfolio of compact, but feature rich desktop label printers are ideal for situations that are tight on space, but require high-quality, reliable direct thermal or thermal-transfer printing. Engineered for ease-of-use, these printers offer a broad range of connectivity options, making them ideal for countless low- to mid-volume label, receipt or wristband printing applications.

Access Control & Security System

Ashraf & Coprovides various types of access control and security systems.

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StatSoft Middle East (SSME)

STATISTICA provides the most comprehensive array of data analysis, data management, data visualization, and data mining solutions. Techniques include the widest selection of predictive modeling, clustering, classification, and exploratory procedures in one software platform.

STATISTICA is a tried and true analytics platform with more than two decades of history in delivering successful business results for our customers, a global user base of more than one million users.

IBM SPSS Statistics

IBM SPSS Statistics is an integrated family of products that addresses the entire analytical process, from planning to data collection to analysis, reporting and deployment. With more than a dozen fully integrated modules to choose from, you can find the specialized capabilities you need to increase revenue, outperform competitors, conduct research and make better decisions.

Ashraf’s Customers for SPSS in Kuwait

Kuwait University | Ministry of Education | Zakat House | Public Authority for applied Education & Training | Zakat House | State Audit Bureau | Higher council for planning & Development (Central Statistics Bureau) | Ministry of Awqaf

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All Microfilm Equipment / Consumables

Our proposed family of microfilm cameras, readers, scanners and printers eliminates the inefficient aspects of traditional microfilm retrieval. With these products you can bridge microfilm’s proven stability with the efficiency of digital technology. Now, you can have the best of both worlds.

Ashraf provides Microfilm products from the below market leaders:-

  • SMA

Product Range includes:

Microfilm Scanners | Microfilm Printers | Microfilm Cameras | Microfilm Processors | Microfilm Storage

Ashraf’s Customers for Microfilm includes:-

Ministry Of Interior | Ministry Of Defence | Ministry Of Planning | Ministry Of Electricity & Water | Ministry Of Awqaf | Ministry Of Justice | Ministry Of Commerce & Industry | Kuwait Municipality | Kuwait Oil Company | Public Authority For Civil Information | Public Authority For Social Security | Public Authority Of Fisher & Agriculture | Public Authority For Minors Affairs | Commercial Bank Of Kuwait | Gulf Bank

Fujitsu & Kodak Scanners & Capture Software

a) Kodak Alaris Document Scanner:

From desktop to high-volume production, Kodak has the ideal scanning solution.

1) Network scanner:

Now anyone can send documents to multiple locations simultaneously. Just touch one button to select a destination, then scan to –

  • E-mail
  • Print
  • Folders
  • FTP
  • Portable USB drives

Networked scanners from Kodak work with your existing network, so you don’t have to make additional investments. You’ll also enjoy exceptional image quality thanks to Perfect Page image processing. Save documents in color, black-and-white and grayscale.

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2) Workgroup Scanner:

Proven productivity features, once available only on production scanners, now come to the desktop and combine with ease of use and image quality to deliver great solutions for small offices and workgroups. Kodak’s exclusive Perfect Page imaging provides true colors and crisp text, and virtually eliminates the need for rescans.

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3) Departmental Scanners:

The productivity with power–user feature have taken departmental scanners to a whole new level. Specific departmental scanner models from Kodak include these and many other features –

  • Real-world speeds of up to 95 ppm
  • Integrated or tethered flatbeds for exception documents
  • Smart Touch, one-button scanning to any of nine destinations
  • Perfect Page scanning with Thresholding for sharp, clean images without rescanning
  • Renowned SurePath paper handling to minimize jam
  • 3-D ultrasonic multi-feed detection for scanning confidence

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4) Production Scanner:

Kodak’s production scanners redefine productivity, versatility and reliability. This line-up is ready to tackle the most demanding high-volume requirements. Find the advantages your operation needs to succeed, including –

  • True speeds of up to 210 ppm with all image processing features enabled
  • Ability to quickly scan mixed batches of documents, photos, tear sheets and graphics with automated imaging capabilities for exceptional quality
  • Customization, adjustable height and other features that drive ease of use

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b) Fujitsu Document Scanner:

1) ScanSnap Scanners

Fujitsu ScanSnap scanners take the complication out of document imaging with one-button ease of use. Perfect for home and small business environments, the ScanSnap family of scanners bring duplex multi-sheet scanning to everyone, combining performance and affordability in a compact size.

Our ScanSnap scanner family also includes mobile document imaging solutions for professionals on the go. With the smaller size, Fujitsu has maintained high image quality output speed: Fujitsu ScanSnap scanners prove that small can be beautiful.

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2) Workgroup Scanner:

Ideal for the medium-sized organization or single-department application, Fujitsu’s desktop Workgroup Scanners are the foundation of your document management solution. You won’t sacrifice performance for affordable document imaging.

Our family of Workgroup Scanners includes both flatbed and sheet-fed models, as well as models that can be customized to scan to e-mail, .pdf files, printers, or ftp sites. For flexibility and high performance for the medium-sized business or organization, choose Fujitsu Workgroup Scanners.

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3) Departmental Scanners:

Larger organizations demand higher throughput from their digital imaging solutions, as well as additional features, such as a video interface and document imprinting. Fujitsu Departmental Scanners provide this level of support and more, with a family of scanners that allow production-level performance at cost-effective prices.

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4) Production Scanner:

Production environments call for extremely high throughput, flexibility and reliability. Fujitsu production scanners satisfy these requirements, enabling users to scan up to 100,000 pages per day.

The Fujitsu suite of production scanners includes scanners from 90 pages per minute (180 images per minute) to over 130+ pages per minute (260+ images per minute) full-rated speed at up to 300 dpi in Color, Grayscale, or Black and White modes!

Flexible, Fully-Integratable, and Supported Production Scanning

In addition to excellent image quality, high capacity input hoppers and a wide variety of options, these production scanners make integration much easier by offering multiple interface options as a standard feature. On-site service options add the comfort of knowing that your mission-critical production scanning environment will be running at the maximum throughout.

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5) Network Scanners:

Network scanning, collaboration, emailing and faxing just got a lot easier. With Fujitsu’s fi-series network scanners, you can simplify and standardize document management across your local branches or across the globe. Simply load your documents, log into the network, select the destination, and press the scan button.

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C) Capture Software:

Ashraf mainly uses software from Kodak Alaris. This software delivers top quality, high productivity and quick responsiveness to meet the stringent needs of our customers and help them meet the demands of the digital world.

Solutions Expo 2019 | Smart Customer Onboarding | Bank Branch

Solutions Expo 2019 | Smart Customer Onboarding | Shared Services Centre

Solutions Expo 2019 | Smart Customer Onboarding | End user Mobility

The software products from Kodak Alaris are:

  1. Document Scanning Software
  2. Solutions for Sharepoint
  3. Asset Management Software
  4. Information Management Solution
  5. Scanning & Capture Solutions for Healthcare Providers – IBML

1) Document Scanning Software:

Capture your data, then turn it into information that works harder with a variety of choices in scanner software from Kodak. Share knowledge. Boost customer satisfaction. Gain productivity. Process checks. Ensure regulatory compliance. Optimize all the features of your Kodak Scanners

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2) Solutions for Sharepoint:


Capture and organize information to streamline your workflow.

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3) Asset Management Software:

System Administrators can now manage and maintain select KODAK Scanners on their network through one simple dashboard solution. You’ll know more about every scanner and be able to do more across your network thanks to the KODAK Asset Manager Software Server Module.

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4) Information Management Solution:

The KODAK Info Insight Platform allows businesses to capture, understand and intelligently manage all incoming documents and customer communications, regardless of format and structure.

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5) Scanning & Capture Solutions for Healthcare Providers – IBML:

Increase profits and enhance patient care through accelerated cycle times.

ibml intelligent capture solutions enable healthcare providers to automate the processing of information to enhance patient care and administrative outcomes. With ibml solutions, usable information is available faster than ever to clinicians and finance staff.

Our solutions support a wide range of applications for healthcare organizations and the business process outsourcers (BPO) who serve them, including medical records management, coding, payer adjudication, remittance processing, explanation of benefits (EOB) processing and Check 21.

ibml solutions capture any paper or electronic health, finance or patient document, including admission forms, insurance cards, health records, clinical notes, lab reports, checks, EOB documents, insurance claims, denial/appeal letters, advanced directives, and reports.

Enhance patient care

Providers can make better informed decisions thanks to the fast digital access to records provided by ibml’s reduced document preparation, in-line capture, document sorting, and seamless exports.

Accelerate days sales outstanding

The faster cycle times provided by ibml’s scanners and capture software makes service and financial information available more quickly, greatly reducing the time to bill payers and adjudicate denials.

Speed information availability

Secure and seamless integration with downstream health information systems helps ensure that meaningful information is available when administrative and clinical staff needs it.

Reduce administrative expenses

Significantly reduce operational costs through the automated out-sorting of separator sheets, the capture and validation of data from EOBs and other documents, and digital information storage.

Streamline security and regulatory compliance

Mitigate the risks of data theft and HIPAA compliance violations through roles-based access to documents and system functions, complete audit trails, reporting of all activity, and data encryption.

Picture Scanning:

Turn thousands of photo prints and other documents into digital memories every day.

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Micrographics brings you better ways to capture documents to film to maximize your performance and quality while using less time and labor. Capture images with a fast, reliable scanner while digital technology processes the images in the background for outstanding image quality.

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Book & Newspaper Scanners/Imaging

Color Scanners

Our book scanners make it possible to digitize even the most sensitive materials. Their extremely high processing speeds combined with lighting systems that operate without UV radiation protect both the original document and the user. This means that books, maps, and historical writings can be perfectly preserved for future generations

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IBM Products

1.       Business process manager

Business process manager

IBMBusiness Process Manager is a comprehensive and consumable BPM platform that provides total visibility and management of your business processes. It includes tooling and runtime for process design, execution, monitoring and optimization, and is specifically designed to make it easy for process owners and business users to engage directly in the improvement of their business processes. Its highly integrated functionality and fluid designs provide new levels of interoperability with other IBMofferings, and it scales smoothly and easily from initial project to enterprise-wide program. IBMBusiness Process Manager is easy to deploy and use straight-out of the box or in an easily customizable configuration—providing rapid time to value and improved user productivity. IBMBusiness Process Manager combines best-of-breed market-leading capabilities, and delivers them in a single platform that is simple enough to engage process participants, regardless of their role, yet powerful enough to scale as needed to support enterprise-wide transformation. Comprising a complete set of advanced BPM capabilities that can provide any business with an integrated, scalable platform for every aspect of business process automation and improvement, IBMBusiness Process Manager features market-leading capabilities to:

  • Optimize business processes by providing visibility to all process participants, enabling continuous process improvement.
  • Increase efficiency with a federated view for performing tasks, managing work items, tracking performance and responding to events—all in real time.
  • Empower knowledge workers with real-time analytics to optimize business processes.4 IBM Business Process Manager—Powerfully Simple
  • Enhance time to value through business-user-focused design capabilities, including process coaching to guide users easily through the steps of a process.
  • Confidently manage change with a unified model-driven environment that provides everybody with visibility of the same process version.
  • Combine simplicity, ease of use and task-management capabilities from IBM®WebSphere®Lombardi Edition (WLE),with key capabilities from Web Sphere Process Server (WPS),to support enterprise integration and transaction-process-management requirements as part of an overall service-oriented architecture (SOA).

2. MobileFirst

Providing a platform for Mobile Apps Development with the added features of write once deliver to all platforms, integration adaptors for connectivity with enterprise backend systems. Additionally, it comes with its own enterprise app store, direct updates to deployed mobile applications and analytics engine to analyze mobile consumer behavior.

  1. License Model is Either B2Employee or B2Consumer. B2C is licensed 1  WorkLight server per App. B2E is licensed 1 Server with unlimited Apps and ZERO users @ $50K while users are licensed per device @ $140 Per User.
  2. Testing
  3. Security


A platform for accelerating the transfer of both files and video streaming across the WAN. ASPERA excels when files become bigger, distance is farther and pipe is bigger > 20Mbit/s. Aspera start from 10K up-to $500K and its calculated based on the Mbit/s network pipe. Implementation is short from 2-3 days to few weeks. The use cases can be: SAN Replication, Corporate file share, Large + Secure file transfer.

  • ASPERA file sync and file transfer
  • ASPERA stream for live Video streaming (available in May)
  • ASPERA File Share (Like DropBox service for the corporate)
  • Aspera for SharePoint, Mobile Devices
  • ASPERA workflow for approvals and management of data transfer needs


4. BlueMix: The massage for this product is mainly around innovation. Target customers are Education, Large Organizations and Public sector (Ex: CAIT, ICT Qatar, ITA Oman, etc) this is an Elastic development and production environment with built-in Agile methodology that enables the organizations to start delivering applications (Web applications, Web-Services, Mobile applications, Analytical, Cognitive, Video Analytics, Cloudant (No-SQL), etc.) without having to worry about setting up complex environments or implementing elaborate development processes.

The platform enables the development teams to build code, use complex tools (ex: Watson, Analytics, 3rd party components) instantaneously also utilizing 3rd party add-ons that are part of the BlueMix market place ex: Google Maps, twilio VOIP APIs. When ready organization can move code to on-premise or continue running the applications on IBM Cloud or Other Clouds using Docker or VM portability technology.

BlueMix is available in different deployment models: public, dedicated, hybrid, and soon On-Premise depending on customer needs.

Deal size can vary from 6K USD to 1Mil USD

5. Baecons

Beacons will transform how business and e-interaction will occur in the near future. Technology, especially mobile computing, is having a profound effect on delivery of service and according to a survey by the regional service providers, all  residents have ready access to a mobile device with smart becoming common to all.

Buzz for Quiet Areas, is a platform for indoor location based interaction that is built on an open

Platform to deliver maximum benefits for the entity. Buzz for Quiet Areas is based on a flexible architecture to deliver many variations to support different use cases.

Buzz for Quiet Areas will also Help patrons become familiar with the sermon in many languages.

The patron will receive the content that is relevant to both their location and the time of day.

Use Cases

  • Receive directions to closest Masjid
  • Receive translation for the Friday sermon in many languages
  • Mute phone during prayer times and put it back on after the time
  • Mute phone when inside Masjid
  • Prayer times and notifications
  • Embedded marketing system to target groups with content

6. Audit Base for IBM

This system (ICMS) is effective in managing internal control as it relates to the achievement of the objectives in any of the major control categories, i.e., effectiveness and efficiency of operations, and compliance with standards, laws and regulations. It may also be useful with respect to the subset objective of safeguarding assets from fraud, waste, abuse, or misuse.

The system is based on a proven and reliable technology from IBM that is configured to enable a set of powerful tools to deliver the required value for the organization.  Following are the major benefits of adopting ICMS:

  • The system Will assist to manage the internal control environment
  • The system will provide a model to support the set-up and operation of the management system.
  • The system will enable the organization to develop and implement a framework to enhance the QoS.
  • The system will enable the organization to easily manage changes to laws and regulations.
  • The system will enable the organization to protect their Infrastructure and assets
  • The tool will be coupling the process to the business needs and risks.
  • The system will allow the management from monitoring in near real time the progress and effectiveness of the internal control system.
  • The system will enable users and managers to interact through process automation and task monitoring with many pre-built KPI’s to determine effectiveness and progress.

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Biometric, Time & Attendance – Invixium Access. Canada

Invixium Product Suite

Advanced. Stylish. Esteemed.

Ashraf & Co Ltd is an exclusive distributor for Invixium Access solutions in Kuwait. Invixium products aim to bring beautiful design, powerful performance and modern technology to the antiquated biometrics industry. All Invixium products are meticulously designed to blend the latest technology with stunning aesthetics and an unmatched performance. Integrated with countless unique features that help cater to multiple security and access control markets including Enterprise Access, Industries, Smart Homes and Time & Attendance, Invixium products lie at the forefront of the biometrics industry. Manufactured in Canada with the strictest of quality standards and utmost precision, our products reflect our commitment to revolutionize the biometrics industry and reinforce our promise of providing an impeccable experience to all our customers.


Compare the products here


Multimodal. Multifactor. Multipurpose.

TITAN is powered by the most cutting-edge processors ever created, the Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 with the ultimate in processing power, connectivity, graphics, face detection, reliability and battery efficiency. To challenge the stature of the Snapdragon 820, TITAN incorporates Face recognition and Fingerprint or Finger Vein biometric modalities to be the pinnacle in physical security and user convenience.

Included in the plethora of soul arresting features is a 21 megapixel camera for face recognition and video intercom, satisfactory storage of users and transactions, incredibly fast authentication speeds and advanced connectivity options like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, NFC. Oh Yes – TITAN supports integrated 3G/LTE cellular connectivity. The 5.0” screen is Invixium’s largest to date with an exceptional interface and user feedback.

IXM Touch 2

Faster. Stronger. Beyond Soul Touching

TOUCH 2 is a super-charged take on an Invixium classic. It’s the same TOUCH you know and love – but better.

Just when you thought it couldn’t get any better, the perfect solution for time and attendance tracking has evolved. The newly revitalized TOUCH 2 brings yet another refreshingly modern design to the biometric market with a 5 MP camera for face detection, an enhanced IPS LCD Touchscreen for a visually stunning experience and the latest Corning Gorilla Glass 5 providing increased toughness. Armed with improved processing speed, increased memory and higher biometric record capacity, TOUCH 2 is a visually stunning, all-in-one, “do everything” machine for smart homes, enterprises and industries alike.

IXM Sense 2

Robust. Formidable. Tenacious.

Taking cue from its predecessor, SENSE 2 is a beast designed specially for the harsh outdoor environments.

An improvement over Invixium’s original showstopper for industrial environments, SENSE 2 does everything that SENSE was capable of and more. Devised to provide an immaculate experience in a myriad of harsh environmental conditions like construction sites, refineries, factories and hospitals, SENSE 2 is geared with the new and improved multispectral imaging Mercury sensor from Lumidigm. The new SENSE is configured with more processing power and memory and is engineered for maximum customizability and compatibility with multiple biometric sensors to fulfill a broad range of market requirements.

IXM Merge

Effective. Bold. Focused.

IXM MERGE is an engineering and design marvel! With a plethora of features to boast about, MERGE has been designed to speak directly to the heart. Compatible with our dependable line of exquisite products, this masterpiece has been brought to life with the Invixium brand values of quality and performance ingrained into it.

IXM Mycro

Slim. Simple. Amazingly Powerful.

Here at Invixium we believe that getting the basics right is the key to success!

IXM MYCRO, the base model of all IXM products, has been designed with a comprehensive focus on simplicity and multi-functionality. In addition, the incredibly resilient exterior and Made in Canada construction provide sustained durability. Extremely flexible in its configuration, the IXM MYCRO can accommodate the needs of any application.


Simple. Comprehensive. Flexible.

Software based products are essentially useless if the supporting software is not up to the mark. IXM WEB Enterprise brings out the best in our hardware products, making Invixium a complete biometric solutions provider.

IXM WEB, the management software for IXM device and user registration, configuration, monitoring and reporting, has expanded into a complete and independent enterprise solution – IXM WEB Enterprise. With a refreshing new look, it now offers licensed modules such as IXM Link and IXM Convert in addition to a new version of IXM WEB. With a centralized web server installation and remote accessibility, IXM WEB Enterprise supports a multitude of browsers and is desktop, notebook, tablet and smartphone ready. Invixium is now a one stop shop for all your biometric needs – software, hardware, support, upgrades, updates and customizations.

Software Development Kits

Develop. Customize. Integrate with Ease.

IXM SDKs allow developers and system integrators around the world to create applications or integrate IXM WEB and its features into third party software. Recognizing the variety of market needs, we have created two comprehensive SDKs to provide developers the platform to create standalone or integrated applications in multiple languages, on any PC or embedded operating systems using IXM WEB server APIs or low level device commands. In addition we also offer our licensed module IXM Convert as an SDK if you want to switch biometric devices. IXM SDKs offer a full spectrum of capabilities including image capture, user record management, configurations, data extraction and more. Our SDKs are fully documented and include sample applications with full source code complete with a plethora of APIs, drivers and low level device commands.

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