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Surgical Imaging(MID)


ASHRAF Medical Division has a specialized ‘Surgical Imaging Division’  (MID)provides world class medical device rated products that deliver performance and value with the quality and dependability you need.

Our suppliers are the market leaders in the surgical fields.


Sony Healthcare Solutions 

With over 25 years as a global leader in medical technology innovation, Sony Professional offers a wide range of medical applications such as ultrasound, printing, diagnostic radiological and surgical imaging.

Sony Medical provides world class medical device rated products that deliver performance and value with the quality and dependability you need.

Sony offers a complete line of analog and digital medical imaging solutions for a wide range of applications. Printers, monitors, cameras and recorders that are specifically designed for medical environments. Sony offers color dye-sublimation printers that work with all the major surgical manufacturer’s products.

Medical imaging offerings include dry film imagers, printers and medical grade monitors for a full range of modalities.

Sony has a full line of medical-grade, FDA-approved technology, including monitors, displays, recorders and overhead cameras, that capture video in HD, 4K, and OR room IP video management solution Etc…

Sony’s strategy for innovation in medical technology involves the development of specialist products in the areas of minimally invasive surgery and microsurgery, as well as communications technology for teaching and patient care. Through every stage of the medical imaging workflow in operating rooms, Sony Medical’s professional products are revolutionizing modern surgical practices especially in OR rooms.

Today, Sony’s medical products are sold directly to major radiology and surgical imaging OEMs around the globe for incorporation into end-user medical systems. The company’s products also are made available directly to end users through distributors for the OEM system replacement market. For more detailed product information,

Explore the exciting range of Sony healthcare products and innovations.

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