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Flex Europa products

Electric Trimming Stand

The cutting or trimming for paper/indoor photo/graphic/kt board or other kinds of soft & thin materials.

Product Specification:

  • Max cutting width:      F.E 1600 Trimmer                 F.E 2500 Trimmer
  • Max cutting thickness:  1600mm                                 2500mm
  • Driving model:           6mm                                                6mm
  • Power consumption:      200w/hr                               300w/hr
  • Power input:            0.8 – 1.0 kw/hr                             0.8 – 1.0kw/hr
  • Power/volt:             220v/110v                                      220v/110v
  • Net weight:             32kg                                               68kg
  • Operating model:        Control panel + foot pedal

F.E HC 160

FE HC 160 is an easy-to-use machines for Hot & Cold laminating and for mounting digital prints on panels.

Product Specification:

  • Model:                                                 HC 160
  • Max Lamination Width:                  160cm
  • Diameter of Laminating Roll:       130mm
  • Roller Lifting height:                        30mm
  • Temperature range:                       room – 120 C°
  • Warm up time:                                  10 -15 min
  • Laminating Mode:                           Electromotive driven
  • Pressure Adjusting Mode:           Linkage regulation of coordinated or peneumatic control
  • Speed:                                                  7m/min
  • Max Power cosumption:              1.0kw
  • Rated input power:                         2500w
  • Rated Voltage:                                  220V-240V/50Hz,60Hz
  • Gross weight of machine:            230kg
  • Dimensions:                                       207cm X 70cm X 120cm
  • Upper roll lift:                                    Air compressor 8 bar
  • Hot roller heater system:             Internal infrared

F.E FlatBed Laminator


  • Print scratch and buckle free
  • User friendly design
  • High precision durable rubber roller
  • Reliable pneumatics
  • Precision linear rails
  • Highly reliable electronic control unit

Product Specification:

  • Item:                     F.E Flatbed Laminator
  • Model:                 1325                       1530                       1540                       1737
  • Max effective working size:        1300mm*2500mm           1500mm*3000mm                                           1500mm*4000mm                1700mm*3700mm
  • Net weight of machine:                                550kg                    650kg                    780kg                    880kg
  • Diameter of roller:           130mm
  • Material of roller:             Silicon dioxide: Thermo stability, wear-resisting, anti-aging, moisture proof, good elasticity, pollution free, no distortion
  • Thickness of silicone gel:               6mm
  • Thickness of axial wall:   8mm
  • Glass:    10mm temper glass
  • IIumination: LED IIumination
  • Guide ways:       25mm cylinder guide ways, very steady for long time use
  • Machine frame:  Steel high temperature weld table, steel structure and Aro-aluminum profile
  • Material roll holder:        In front and at behind durable material reels support
  • Max. fliming thickness:  50mm
  • Roller heating:   Internal heating by infrared
  • Temperature range:       Adjustable, environmental – 80c
  • Warm up time:  10-15min
  • Power Consumption:     08 ~1.0kw/h
  • Power Consumption:     2500w
  • Laminating mode:            Manual
  • Pressure adjustable mode:         Pneumatic/non-noise air compressor
  • Input voltage: 110v/220v, 50- 60hz
  • Warranty:            one year on non-consumable parts

Graphtec CE6000-120

The CE6000 series sets the standard for high performance, low cost cutting plotters. It is equipped with professional-level features such as registration mark sensing and perforation cutting for producing a diving line in labels or packaging mock-ups.


  • New ARMS 5.0 for improved print & cut
  • Increased cutting force 4.41 N(450 gf)*
  • Rugged design with new features for reliable long-length tracking
  • Large graphic type LCD with support for 10 language
  • Switchable operation modes (Simple/Normal) for ease of use
  • Includes high quality application software
    (Graphtec Studio and cutting master3)

Product Specification:

  • Item:     CE6000-120
  • CPU:      32-bit CPU
  • Configuration:   Grit rolling type
  • Drive method:   Digital servo drive
  • Maximum cutting area(W x L):   1213mm x 50m
  • Mountable media width:              Max 1346mm
  • Number of push rollers:                3 rollers
  • Maximum cutting speed:             1000mm/s (at 45° direction)
  • Maximum acceleration:                13.9m/s2 (at 45° direction)
  • Maximum guaranteed cutting force:       4.41N (450 gf) in 38 steps
  • Minimum character size:              Appox .5mm alphanumeric (varies depending on character font and type of media)
  • Mechanical resolution:                  0.005mm
  • Programmable resolution:           GP-GL:0.1 /0.05/0.025/0.01mm, HP-GL™, 0.025mm
  • Repeatability:    Max 0.1mm in plot up to 2 m
  • Blade Type:        Supersteel
  • Pen Type:            Oil-based ballpoint, water-based fibre tip pen
  • Media Type:       Self-adhesive making film (vinyl, fluorescent, reflective) excluding high intensive reflective film upto 0.25mm thickness
  • Media Type:       Polyester film upto  0.25mm thickness
  • Perforation cutting:        Yes
  • Interface:            RS-232C , USB 2.0(Full speed)
  • Display:                Graphic type LCD with backlight (240dots x 128 dots) supports 10 languages
  • Registration mark sensing system:           Scans the mark by optical sensor (ARMS 5.0), segment area and multiple marks compensation, 4-points axis alignment, auto mark detect
  • Power Sources:                                100 to 120, 200 to 240V AC (Auto Switch), 50/60hz
  • Power Consumption:     120VA
  • Guaranteed accuracy environment:        16 to 32° C, 35 to 70% R.H (non-condensing)
  • External dimensions (W x D x H):              Approx. 1541x736x1250mm
  • Weight:                Approx.40.5kg (including stand 16.4kg)
  • Included software:          Windows Driver, Graphtec Studio, Cutting master 3, Plotter Controller

FE Laser Welder SA200

Laser welding machine for metal stainless steel aluminum alloy    copper(SA200)

Product Specification:

  • Model:                         FE Laser SA200
  • Max Laser power:    200W
  • Laser wavelength:   1064nm
  • Monopulse Max power:       90J
  • Laser welding depth:              0.1-1.2mm
  • Pulse width:               0.1-20ms
  • Laser welding frequency:     0.5-40Hz
  • Laser spot size adjusting range:            0.2-2mm
  • Whole power consumption:               ≤9KW
  • Power need:              220V ± 10%/50Hz/40A
  • Standard configuration working:       800*1000mm load 200kg table
  • Laser device vertical travel:                 ≥200mm
  • Laser device horizontal direction:     200-800mm
  • Sight positioning (optional):                CCD synchronism high definition camera

TPS- ZB 6710        

ZB-6710 automatic bending machine word crawler feed, V-gouging, built-in closed loop control system, to achieve a closed-loop monitoring graphical contour length to ensure feed accuracy of ± 0.1mm, telescopic alternating bending mode, the forming of the processed products of up to 90%, high performance multi-axis motion control card and self-developed software control system, with stable performance, notching depth constant, processing speed, etc., is a professional only plan Aluminum boundless word industrialized production bend word identification equipment.

Product Specification:

  • Power supply:   AC220V
  • Total power:      1.0kw
  • Compressed Air:              0.2-0.4MPa
  • Minimum Bend U:           Flat aluminum
  • Material Width:                10mm – 80mm
  • File Input:                            CAD, Type3
  • File Format:                        DXF /PLT
  • Feeding Way:                    Track – fed
  • Servo Motor:                     1pcs
  • Stepper Motor:                                1pc
  • Dimensions (LxWxH):     1460mm X  600mm X 1550mm
  • Net weight:        150kg

TPS – S9710

Through the world’s first multi Arbor bending systems and quick-change system mold materials for precision bending, truly sets of aluminum, stainless steel sheet, stainless steel strip, galvanized sheet and other materials efficiently and accurately folded in one of the all-around Super bending machine word. High-end LED word crochet aluminum, stainless steel word, punching word, words such as the word shell resin production device of choice.

Product Specifications:

  • Power supply:              AC200V
  • Total power:    5.0kw
  • Compressed Air:         0.4- 0.6MPa
  • Control the number of axes:   7-axis
  • Minimum Bend U:      Stainless steel (R7 mm), aluminum (R20 mm)
  • The minimum distance between the inner and outer corners:                                    Stainless steel (4mm), aluminum (15mm)
  • Start bending distance:                 3mm
  • Application Materials:    Stainless steels, galvanized sheet, aluminum coil, aluminum
  • Material specifications:                 Stainless steel (0.6-1.0mm), aluminum (1-2mm)
  • Working height:                                20-175mm
  • Feeding way:     Alternative feed
  • Servo Motor:     4pcs
  • Stepper Motor:                3pc
  • Net weight: 900kg

TPS- S8700

TPS-S8700 precision automatic bending machine-based word precise mechanical structure and unique retractable alternating bending mode, the use of pre-feed straightening, feeding and alternating clamp synchronous twin screw thumb screw driver slotted mode, Thai- based spectrum holy word and equipment development for many years experience in the research and development of curved TPS-AutoBend control system to ensure precision molding processing products, especially for small arc, small angle of fonts and complex graphics production, hign-end LED word of stainless steel, red hole word, the word around the edge of the resin of choice for high-end type of output device.

Product Specifications:

  • Power supply:              AC200V
  • Total power:    2.20kw
  • Compressed Air:         0.4- 0.8MPa
  • Control the number of axes:   4-axis
  • Minimum Bend U:      R7 mm
  • The minimum distance between the inner and outer corners:    4.5mm
  • Start bending distance:                 3mm
  • Application Materials:    Stainless steels, galvanized sheet, aluminum coil
  • Material specifications:                 0.6-1.0mm         Working height:                                20-110mm
  • Feeding way:     Alternative feed
  • Servo Motor:     2pcs
  • Stepper Motor:                2pc
  • Net weight: 400kg


FE CNC NM-48 builds a wide selection of systems from low cost packages for small shops to mall packages capable of machining small and large parts in a single setup.


  • Italian 6.00KW HSD air cooling spindle
  • Japanese SHIMPO gear reducer
  • PMI Linear guide with dust proof and self-lubrication
  • One set KVT3.140 BECKER vacuum pump
  • Stepping motor and driver
  • NC studio NK 105
  • Original type 8 software
  • Taiwanese DELTA VFD-E inverter
  • One set of advertising tool

Product Specifications:

  • Travelling Area:                 132cm(W) X 254cm(W) X 20cm(H)
  • Table size:                           122cm(W) X 244cm (L)
  • Transmission:                    X/Y herion helical rack and pinion drive, Z ball screw drive
  • Table Structure:                T-slot vacuum table in four zone with butterfly valve
  • Spindle power:                 6.0KW
  • Spindle speed:                  18000 – 26000r/min
  • Moving speed:                  40m/min
  • Drive and motor:              Stepper motor and driver
  • Working voltage:              AC380V/3PH/50HZ, 32A
  • Control system:                NC studio NK 105 control system


Flora LJ 320P this kind of color inkjet printer is suitable for paper, advertising banner, mesh fabrics, adhesive vinyl, and so on. The patterns printed by this solvent printer are water-proof, anti-ultraviolet, scratch-resistant, and of high definition.

Product Specification:

Printing Control Option 1:

  • Print head: 4 or 8 spectra Polaris (512 nozzles 35PL) piezoelectric print heads
  • Print mode/speed: 4 printheads 8 printheads
  • Print mode/speed: Draft 110m²/h 185m²/h
  • Print mode/speed: Standard 73m²/h 125m²/h
  • Print mode/speed: High precision 55m²/h 92m²/h
  • Print mode/speed: Ultra high precision 38m²/h 65m²/h
  • Print resolution: Maximum 800x1200dpi

Printing Control Option 2:

  • Print head: 2 or 4 spectra starfire (1024 nozzles 25PL) piezoelectric print heads
  • Print mode/speed: 2 printheads 4 printheads
  • Print mode/speed: Draft 115m²/h 230m²/h
  • Print mode/speed: Standard 85m²/h 180m²/h
  • Print mode/speed: High precision 64m²/h 120m²/h
  • Print mode/speed: Ultra high precision 32m²/h 60m²/h
  • Print resolution: Maximum 720x800dpi
  • Technology:       Drop-on demand, piezoelectric ink jetting technology
  • Ink type:              Environment protective, colorful, highly durable outdoor solvent ink
  • Color:    4 colors: C + M + Y + K
  • Ink cylinder:       4 liter(Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black)
  • RIP Software:    Photoprint V10.2.1Flora edition, Onxy(optional)
  • Color management:        ICC based color management, adjustable printing curve and density
  • File formats:       TIFF, JPEG, Postscripts, EPS, PDF etc

Medium system

  • Handling:             Industrial grade feeding and take-up system
  • Specification of coiled material: Max width: 320cm, diameter: 35cm, weight :100kg material

Data transmission

  • Data Interface:  High speed USB transmission
  • Machine dimensions:     483cm(L) X 137cm(W) X 138cm(H)
  • Machine weight: 700kg

Operating conditions

  • Temperature:    20 to 30
  • Relative humidiy:             20% to 80%, non -condensing

Power supply

  • Heater: 35000watts
  • Systems:              4000watts
  • Requirements:  Inputs voltage: 200 to 240VAC, 2 single phase , 50/60hz, 20A
  • Warranty:            one year


Flora PP 2512UV TURBO

Flora PP 25 2512UV – since the images printed by this UV flatbed printer are water-proof, anti-ultraviolet, scratch-resistant and of high definition and bright color, this printer is widely applied to corrugated paper, foam core, PVC, ceramic tile, synthetic glass, wood, metal sheet, paper, advertising banner, mesh frabrics, adhesive vinyl, etc.

Product Specification
Printing Control :

  • Print head: 8 or 16 konica Minolta print heads
  • Print mode/speed: Draft 67m²/h
  • Print mode/speed: Standard 48m²/h
  • Print mode/speed: High precision 36m²/h
  • Print mode/speed: Ultra high precision 24m²/h
  • Print resolution: Maximum 1440x14400dpi
  • Technology: piezoelectric inkjet, UV-curable inkjet, greyscale printing
  • Ink type: UV curable, pigment based ink
  • Ink cylinder/color: 4 liter (C, M, Y, K, Lc, Lm, W, V)
  • UV Energy Sources: Dual shuttered UV lamps , independent user-selectable control of shutter
  • RIP Software: Photoprint V10.2.1Flora edition, Onxy(optional)
  • Color management: ICC based color management, adjustable printing curve and density
  • File formats: TIFF, JPEG, Postscripts, EPS, PDF etc

Medium system

  • Handling: Flatbed, sheet feed and optional roll feed. Vacuum platform supports various rigid materials, automatic media registration system with an optional unique blowing function.
  • Rigid media: standard vacuum table support rigid material up to 254x122cm, 50kg/sqm
  • Thickness: up to 100mm
  • Data Interface: High speed USB transmission
  • Machine dimensions: 480cm(L) X 260cm(W) X 144cm(H)
  • Machine weight: 2000kg

Operating conditions

  • Temperature: 20 to 30
  • Relative humidiy: 20% to 80%, non -condensing

Power supply

  • Systems: 8500watts
  • Requirements: Inputs voltage: 200 to 240VAC, 2 single phase , 50/60hz, 32A
  • Warranty: one year

Dgen Teleios Black

With the expanded color gamut and eye-catching true red, deep rich black and royal purple colors, Teleios is the world’s most installed digital textile printer in the soft-signage area.

Product Specifications:

  • Model:                 d.gen Teleios Black
  • Printer Width:   183cm
  • Maximum Print resolution:          1440dpi
  • Ink Technology:                                Exclusive textile water based dye ink
  • Power resource:              AC 380V, 3 Phase, 15A, 50/60Hz
  • Power consumption:      printer: 0.44kw/heat fixation unit & others: 8.6kw
  • Maximum Ink capacity per color:              1000ml enables to refill inks while printing
  • Maximum A1/D Print speed:      2pass 52 m2/h
  • Maximum A1/D Print speed:  4pass 32m2/h
  • Maximum A1/D Print speed:  6pass 22m2/h 11 m2/h
  • Maximum A1/D Print speed:  8pass 16m2/h 8m2/h
  • External Shape(W X D X H):         270cm(W) X 130cm(L) X 140cm(H)




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