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signotec for Financial Institutes

signotec is the only manufacturer in Germany whose solutions are approved by all data centres of the savings banks and cooperative banks. Thus, our solutions for handwritten electronic signatures are released by all data centres such as the “Fiducia & GAD IT AG” for the cooperative network and by the “Finanz Informatik” for the German Sparkasse organisation.

Areas of application include:

  • Counter, cash register and advice
  • Deposit / pay slips
  • Account / deposit opening
  • Powers of attorney
  • Change notifications
  • Data protection declarations

With the signotec advanced signatures solution, banks can sign 95% of their daily documents electronically in a legally compliant and secure manner using a signature pad. For the customer, signing on a signature pad is a common process because it is the natural continuation of signing in electronic form.

Especially for the employees in the branches of the banks, this process enables an automatic synchronization of the signed contracts with the downstream systems. The risk of losing documents is eliminated and the documents are quickly available for further processing. If further signatures are required in the back office, this can be mapped with the signotec signature solution. In addition, documents can be postponed to be supplemented at any later time, regardless of location and time, by further signatures.

The signotec Sigma, Omega, Gamma and Delta pen pads developed and manufactured in Germany are available in a variety of colours. Each outer component can be designed in different colours and of course individual company logos can be applied.

The use of the signotec system replaces all previous paper logistics, from sending documents to final scanning.




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