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signotec for Insurances

Numerous well-known insurance companies use our electronic signature solutions.

Areas of application include:

  • Insurance applications
  • Contracts
  • Consultation Protocols
  • Optimization of processes in field service

Insurances use our signoSign/2 and signoSign/Universal solutions for electronic signatures with pen pads in counseling sessions.

With signoSign/2, PDF documents can be created, handwritten signed and processed automatically. The signotec signature pads, a Windows tablet PC or an Apple iPhone or iPad can be used as the input device for the handwritten signature.

signoSign/Universal is a mobile solution that implements the integration of a media-break-free workflow server-based. The special feature of signoSign/Universal is the support of mobile devices and the possibility of using stationary signature pads. It is possible to use only mobile, stationary or both.

Tested and secure

The signotec solutions also record the writing characteristics of the signer in the document. This makes it possible to identify the signer afterwards. In addition, in the course of the signature process, the signed application is protected against unnoticed change. Changes and manipulations are reliably detected. For this solution, we have the opinion of an independent expert admitted to court.

Field Service remains flexible

Especially for employees in the insurance sales force, this process enables automatic synchronization of signed applications as soon as they are connected to the backend system. The risk of losing the application documents is eliminated and the documents are quickly available for further processing. If further signatures are required in the back office, they can be mapped with the signotec signature solution.

Your personal touch

Our pen pads, developed and manufactured in Germany, are available in an infinite number of colors. Each outer component can be designed in different colors and of course individual company logos can be applied.




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